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  • Giovanna
    The medication helps by course ceased to hurt the knees. I understand that it is not a panacea, but what I read, what continues to it is possible to apply. If you want to repeat the course.
  • Antonio
    Were before the injury, which now are given to know the severe pain. Applied twice a day for a couple of months, it has become much easier.
  • Giuseppina
    A. Hondrostrong for my mother – she always complained of the attacks of arthritis, the pain. Like the natural composition, because of mom's allergies. The results of the happy.
  • Francesco
    He dealt with the iron, in the room where it is exaggerated, and received a nasty bunch. Hurt horrible, a colleague advised him to this cream. It was easier not immediately, but over time the situation has improved.
  • Carmela
    A long time ago that I was going to the doctor, but as it has not come. But in the eyes falls advertising is the affordable price, decided to try. Well, as 20 years ago had not, of course, but now again flying.
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