How and how to treat osteochondrosis of the spine.

Treatment of osteochondrosis (radiculitis, intervertebral hernia) today is not particularly difficult, it is only important to correctly establish the cause of the pathology and the presence of concomitant diseases. However, each specialist who deals professionally with the treatment of diseases of the back or of the spine as a whole, with the course of practice, crystallized his own, quickly helping techniques that are optimal for the majority of patients.

neck pain with osteochondrosis

For the treatment of osteochondrosis, it is important to correctly establish the cause of the pathology and the presence of concomitant diseases.

It is wrong to use only one method of treating osteochondrosis, as a rule, polyclinic therapists "pecan" with this, prescribing painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs to patients that eliminate unpleasant symptoms and drive the problem with the spine deeply, without affecting the cause. . As a result, a person, without experiencing pain, continues to load the damaged vertebrae, the pathology worsens, and after a while, with the next strong attack, a bunch of problems "emerge" that cannot be eliminated.

The root of the problem and some criticism

Before starting treatment, it will be useful to remember what osteochondrosis is. In general, these are degenerative changes that affect the tissues of the spine. However, all problems related to the back should not be called "osteochondrosis", just as two concepts should not be confused: osteochondrosis and sciatica. In the first case, this is a disease, in the second - a process that occurs in the body of the patient with osteochondrosis. Also, back pain is just a symptom, not a disease.

Methods of treating osteochondrosis have remained the standard for decades, but with the availability of modern methods for examining the patient in "old" techniques, more and more "cracks and chips" are revealed. Most of the methods are aimed at eliminating clinical signs and not at influencing the causes of pathology.

The use of medications

Unfortunately, this is a method designed to ensure that the patient "comes out quickly healthy. "In addition, the patients themselves go to a specialist and begin to treat the disease even when the pathological process is blooming with force and force, and the pain is tearing everything around them, preventing them from moving normally. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs remove all negative symptoms, rendering the cure illusory and the cause of the disease remaining intact. In clinics, this process is placed on a conveyor belt, and as a result of such treatment:

  1. The cause, which became the starting point of osteochondrosis, has not been eliminated.
  2. The traumatic factor on the vertebrae intensifies, as the person, without feeling pain, begins to fully load the back.
  3. NSAIDs stop the pancreas and stomach from working.
tablets and capsules for the treatment of osteochondrosis

Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs do not cure the disease, they only relieve pain.

Manual therapy

This method is more recommended by old school doctors, believing that if you put the damaged vertebrae in place, the problem will go away. The saying "all diseases of the spine" is not entirely true, because the spine adapts to circumstances, not for nothing is so flexible. However, proper nutrition of the intervertebral discs and vertebrae is only possible when standing. However, the set of vertebrae, if a person continues to sit crookedly or there is a strong inflammation of the intervertebral discs, over time it will "slide" again, returning all the signs. Also, don't confuse manual therapy with osteopathy.

Massage, classics of the genre

This method consists of influencing the muscles and connective tissue of the patient, it can alleviate the symptoms of the disease and bring relief to the patient for several months. The effectiveness of such treatment for osteochondrosis directly depends on the qualifications of the person performing the massage. But in 95% of cases, it is not possible to eliminate the cause of osteochondrosis by hand, as well as to cure the disease if the specialist works only with the area of pain and inflammation.


This method of treating osteochondrosis is subtle and gentle, but a good osteopath must have sensitive hands, an inquisitive mind, and a calm mind. He, taking the patient by the hand, can feel all the processes that take place in the body. Not all physicians are capable of possessing a sense of supersensitivity, which is why good osteopaths are worth their weight in gold. Ideally, osteopaths should treat all the problems that the patient has, but in reality they only eliminate the pain. The patients themselves are partly to blame for this, demanding only pain relief, since a session with an osteopath costs about three times more than that of a masseur. By saving money, they eliminate the symptoms, but deprive themselves of the opportunity to heal as completely as possible. Due to its softness, osteopathy is indicated even in children.

osteopathy as a method of treating osteochondrosis

Osteopathy is a gentle and delicate method that is suitable even for children.

Chinese medicine

The pitfalls here lie in the absence of pre-medical diagnoses of the patient, all manipulations, as a rule, are based on the doctor's guesses, which are not always accurate. Before doing a high-quality acupuncture process, you should do:

  1. Electropuncture diagnosis.
  2. Pulse diagnosis.
  3. Diagnosis according to the Akabane method.

A patient presenting with back pain receives many needles, the pain will ease, the symptoms will disappear, but they will return again in a few hours. Repeated acupuncture, relief, and the circle closes. A good specialist does not put needles, based only on the external examination of the patient and her history. He works with only 1 to 4 needles at deep levels, trying to eliminate the root cause of osteochondrosis, and not just the symptoms.

Visceral therapy

The treatment of osteochondrosis here is to work with the internal organs. This is due to the fact that often the cause of the pathological condition of the spine is an incorrect arrangement of organs or a violation in their work. With this treatment, back pain goes away for a long time.

Gymnastics, yoga, qigong

Oriental techniques for treating osteochondrosis are gaining popularity. Classical yoga is a well-coordinated and deeply thought-out method of working with the body that affects the mind. This method is suitable for home, where, in a calm environment, a person can feel all the needs of the body. However, many experts advise stopping in the old directions of treatment of osteochondrosis. And, of course, it is important to find a specialist, you should not contact those who have learned a couple of deceptive moves and "opened their own office".

Today, these techniques are the most progressive, in many ways they help people to get rid of the problems associated with osteochondrosis. But it is important to remember the psychological aspect: the disease will not go away if a person stubbornly ignores the reason why osteochondrosis has developed, does not want to change his lifestyle and way of thinking. You should not blame the doctor for health problems alone, without helping him with treatment.

yoga classes for the treatment of osteochondrosis

Gymnastics, yoga, qigong: they aim to work with the body and help eliminate spinal problems.

The main stages of therapy

How to treat osteochondrosis? There are many therapy options: reflexology, magnetostimulation, water procedures, physiotherapy methods. The specialist must decide which option is appropriate for the patient, based on the results of the history and examination. Treatment at home is possible, for example, physiotherapy exercises, you can perfectly restore the mobility of the spine, eliminate symptoms and prevent the rapid development of the disease.

Important! If the treatment is carried out at home, you should be especially careful with medications, as they are prescribed exclusively by the doctor. This is explained by the fact that with the drug treatment of osteochondrosis, there is a load on other organs, and such treatment can be fraught with unpleasant complications or exacerbations of chronic diseases.

We take medications

The basis of drug treatment is the intake of vasodilators and anti-inflammatories. Such therapy perfectly relieves symptoms and is designed to solve the following problems:

  1. Stop inflammatory processes.
  2. Relieves pain and muscle spasms.
  3. Stimulates the regeneration of cartilage tissue.

It is safer to use topical products (creams, ointments, or gels) when treating at home. Such treatment is carried out without side effects, it is only necessary to coordinate it with the doctor and strictly follow the instructions.

Home remedies

Often times, "grandmother's recipes" are more effective in treating osteochondrosis than all modern and novel methods. Traditional home treatment includes: warming a sore spot with river sand or salt, using chicken egg ointments, vinegar, or using herbal compresses.

  1. Bottle massage. Fill the "one and a half" with warm water and rotate all the back muscles for 15 minutes, especially stopping at the problem area.
  2. Tennis ball massage. At home, you can use a tennis ball to massage your back, for this you just need to lie on it and "ride". Repeat every day.
medicines for the treatment of osteochondrosis

Drug treatment in complex therapy relieves pain, relieves spasms.


The most popular today is the author's therapeutic technique, which can be used at home. This treatment is based on not allowing the cells of the spinal cord to die and the muscle tissue to atrophy. Therapeutic gymnastics consists of a series of exercises that work all the joints and muscles of the human body, restoring lost motor functions and relieving unpleasant symptoms.

Non-drug treatment options

Sanatorium treatment, perhaps, can be called the most comprehensive in the process of treating a disease, it is based on the effect on the cause of the disease. During your stay in the sanatorium, you may receive the following procedures:

  1. Acupuncture.
  2. Healing showers.
  3. Ultrasound and electrotherapy.
  4. Diet therapy and massages.
  5. Balneotherapy and mud therapy.
  6. Apitherapy and salt caves.

Of course, this treatment option is not available at home. For each patient suffering from osteochondrosis, the doctors of the sanatorium will develop an individual therapy plan that will allow not only to restore motor functions, but also to forget about exacerbations for a long time.

Punctual impact

Electrophoresis treatment is indicated in any stage of osteochondrosis, except acute. Exposure to a point current has its advantages: the effect of a drug administered by electrophoresis extends strictly to the area of inflammation. This allows you to quickly improve the patient's condition, relieve swelling and pain.


It blends well with other osteochondrosis treatment options, when performed correctly by a knowledgeable specialist, shows high efficacy and has minimal side effects:

  1. Massage. Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow, relieves pain and swelling, strengthens muscles. It is shown in courses of 10-15 procedures, 2-3 times a year.
  2. Manual therapy.
  3. Spinal traction.
  4. Reflexology.

How to treat osteochondrosis to avoid complications? First, you need to find out why the pathology has developed, how damaged the vertebrae are. You will have to undergo a full examination and only then begin treatment. In addition, the correct daily routine, a healthy lifestyle are important, it is necessary to stop making intense physical efforts, try not to catch a cold and maintain the correct posture. If possible, any stress at home and at work should be eliminated, as negative emotions lead to uncontrolled muscle spasm, further aggravating the problem.

Osteochondrosis is a long-term current disease, which is based on many reasons, therefore, during treatment, one cannot stop at any method. Much depends on the patient himself, you should not wait for a "magic pill" to end the problem at once, to get rid of osteochondrosis you will have to gather all your will in one fist, be persistent in the desire to be healthy forever. . This is the only way to restore flexibility and mobility to the spine for many years.