Collar of the osteochondrosis: symptoms and treatment

The treatment of the exacerbation of osteochondrosis happens under the supervision of a physician, the compliance of the allocations.

The treatment of the exacerbation of the degenerative disc disease cervical

The osteochondrosis of cervical

At the time of the exacerbation, the doctor may recommend to stop practicing the sport. It is permissible to swim with the condition that after the pool sick heat dress

It is important not to SuperCool. With the heat you have to be careful

Active heat (heaters, the warming of the procedure), it will increase the pain. Make sure that the sick, the place was hot all wrapped up with a handkerchief.

To soothe the pain of the side lying position with toned knees. The posture helps to stretch the spine, the relaxation of disadvantaged nerve. As you can't use the massage service. There may be slight taps with the use of analgesics ointments, gels. After handling tainted worth surrounds, to give the patient the opportunity to sleep.

The period of exacerbation of the degenerative disc disease has a duration of 3 – 5 days. Depends on the degree of severity of the disease, the number of patients of the vertebrae, the age of the patient, the compliance of the recommendations of your doctor. After the remission of the pain, you have to get moving. But little by little, not SuperCool.

Why the disease is aggravated

It is necessary to note that the process of sharpening it does not depend on the stage, which can occur in any of them, from the primary to the last. The sharpening always precede the cause. Your main list of this aspect.

  1. The patient made sudden movements.
  2. In the cervical area were excessive burden of work.
  3. Is produced the weight lifting or much movement.
  4. The patient is in a state of stress or of the situation, when you are nervous.
  5. Produced not a professional massage. Or specialist did not know about the patient has degenerative disc disease, as the not warned of that.
  6. Sudden changes of the weather conditions.
  7. The patient received the supercooling of the whole body or zastudil cervical area.
  8. After a bath or in the sauna, the patient is immersed in the hole or just cold water.
  9. The patient's age, considerable, that the spinal discs have been removed, and may suffer damage due to age and wear and tear.
the osteochondrosis of the departments of the vertebral column

If it is not treated osteochondrosis, at what stage you are, the exacerbation of any necessarily, sooner or later. The symptoms of an exacerbation of the degenerative disc disease neck should know and understand, to differentiate the signs of other vertebrate diseases.

The symptoms of an exacerbation of the

The brightness of the severity of the symptoms depends on the stage of the pathologists and their degree of progression.

The following list.

  1. Pain in the area of the crown.
  2. The decrease of the sensitivity of the skin of the area parietal.
  3. The pain of a side of the neck.
  4. The pain in the collarbone and the shoulder.
  5. The severity of the language.
  6. The breathing interruptions, are not the same.
  7. Pain in the heart area.
  8. Pain manifestation in the upper right quadrant.
  9. The headaches with the pressure in the eye, or a simple headache but only in part.
  10. The cracking sound that you hear in the cervical area later in the application of the tilt, nod of the head or of its rotation.
  11. The mist in the eyes, spots or dots, hearing aids, and the rape and ringing in the ear.
  12. The pain and weakening of the muscles in the arms, up the brush.

In the data of symptoms it is hard not to draw attention to, and yet here there are patients that even in this situation, do not hurry to visit a doctor, and trying to help himself to the pets of the media

The diet

In the task of the diet to the osteochondrosis is composed of:

  • the standardization of the processes of change;
  • warning deposits of salts in the spine;
  • recovery of the alteration of the structure of the cartilage;
  • the strengthening of the ligaments of the intervertebral discs;
  • the reduction of excess weight and obesity prevention. It is known that excess weight increases the pressure on the spine and leads to the development of osteochondrosis, therefore, in patients with this disease is often diagnosed with obesity.
the pain in the neck

Dietary food should form the doctor based on the presence/absence of comorbidities. The messaging of the diet to the osteochondrosis not.

By the base of the therapeutic feeding when the cervical and lumbar spine osteochondrosis to patients with such a rule the weight of the body, which can be taken the Diet no. 15, which contains all the macronutrients, mineral substances and the increase of the amount of giraud/water-soluble vitamins, carbohydrates. The energy value of the diet at the level of 2600-2700 kcal (85-90 g of protein, 90 to 95 g of fat and 350-400 g of carbs).

What products should be included in the menu, make sure:

  • dairy products (milk channels of the intestine, and the fermented dairy products);
  • the dishes of vegetables, vegetables. Special attention should be given to the cabbage, cucumbers, radish, celery, beets;
  • fruit and berry dishes, jellies and preserves;
  • the vegetable oils;
  • low-fat meat;
  • the dishes aspic, jelly;
  • dark varieties of bread, dry biscuits, muffins;
  • eggs;
  • nuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds;
  • cereals;
  • seafood (fish, shrimp, cabbage, marine, mussels);
  • water with gas.

In the diet of the diet in osteochondrosis of the spine must be excluded:

  • fatty concentrated broth,
  • fat of red meat,
  • refractory, animal fats, poultry (duck, goose),
  • the coffee and drinks that contain caffeine (tea, that strong, chocolate).

Limiting the consumption of sugary foods and alkogolsoderzhaschih of drinks.

The causes and symptoms of exacerbation of the degenerative disc disease cervical

The osteochondrosis — disease is spinal the part of the skeleton. When she violations occur of the intervertebral disc degenerative and degenerative nature. The deviation affects the tissue of the vertebrae, spreading the disease.

  • VBN in the bottom of the degenerative disc disease cervical: the treatment of the
  • Acupuncture to osteochondrosis cervical

The average age of onset of the disease — 30 to 35 years. Due to the poor distribution of the load on the spine and legs, or because of traumatic injuries of the deviation can be diagnosed much earlier.

The main signs that confirm the development of the exacerbation of the disease:

  1. The sensation of pain, as in the hands, arms, shoulders, periodically arise or the permanent feeling of tension in the back and the neck of the part.
  2. Negative dynamics of the degenerative disc disease accompanied by atrophic phenomena in the tissues of the muscles, the variation of the sensitivity, the deviations in the working of the organs due to oppression and displacement.
  3. Headache, dizziness, very tired, discomfort in the hands.
  4. Rigidity, the inability of slopes, curves, activates the feeling of numbness of the extremities, discomfort in the muscles and joints, spasms, hypotension.
  5. The spotlight and spots in the eyes, ringing in the ears.

Not carried out to time the therapy of the degenerative disc disease cervical you can enter in phase with the complications serious. The treatment in this stage should be performed the doctor.

The causes of the occurrence of deviations in the spine:

  1. Wrong to receive the weight of the spine — the sock bags, luggage hand constantly on the shoulder or in the hand.
  2. Curved sitting posture mode.
  3. Too soft mattress high pillow to sleep.
  4. The use of footwear the incorrect anatomical construction, the narrow, oppressive, high heels, causing tensions from the muscles and the increase of the diseases of the spine, degenerative disc disease, cervical part of the same.
  5. The sedentary lifestyle, being overweight, traumatic injuries of the parts of the back, the legs, the feet flat.
  6. The age of the processes of degeneration due to the violation of the vascularization of the vertebral column.
  7. The depletion of a physical, the nervous breakdown-emotional system.
  8. Violated the exchange of substances, diseases of the stomach, of the intestine, accompanied by the poor assimilation of the nutrients and useful substances.
  9. Dangerous profession, the job in places with a lot of vibration.
  10. The presence of a genetic predisposition to osteochondrosis of the neck with the acute episodes.
  11. The breach of the rules of the healthy posture in the period of active growth, the scoliosis.
  12. Dehydration for a long time. Spot, a poor diet, lack of vitamins of the complex.
  13. The displacement of the center of load that occurs during pregnancy when underdeveloped muscular frame.

The sharpening caused by the season of the influence of the way of life, can occur at an undetermined time.

The treatment of the

For the proper and complex treatment is necessary to consult a doctor. Designated by him, effective for the survey, to find the cause of the disease. Prescribe medications, massage treatments, gym medicinal.

As assigned the following medications:

  • pain medications
  • chondroprotectors are applied for a long time and, in order to restore the cartilage, shaving the fabric;
  • the muscle relaxers help you to get a muscle spasm;
  • nootropic drugs
  • vasodilators media
  • vitamins D

The treatment can be carried out, both at home, as the hospital. It all depends on how much you will be strong symptoms and what complications. To resolve this would be only a specialist. The doctor can send in maps of massage treatments and so on. If you do not follow the recommendations of the specialist, which will lead to serious consequences.

You must enter in your diet dairy products, lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, cereals, fish

Special attention should be paid to the food that contains gelatin, which is most often the jelly. The olive oil it is necessary to consume for salads

It is best to eat a full meal that is cooked, steamed, boiled and baked. Forgo salty, acute, of fatty acids, the smoked products. It is forbidden to drink strong coffee, tea and forgo the soda water sweet.

Massages well help you to remove the muscle tension and normalize the blood flow. But it is worth in the period of exacerbation of the degenerative disc disease to do so with great care and only need a professional masseuse.

If the patient experiences strong pain, then he has to follow bedding, and so. There are cases in which the patient is prohibited at all of getting up. But this can last no more than three weeks, as the muscles can atrophy. If the person felt better, unable to get up, but a maximum of ten minutes per day. It is necessary to do everything as the doctor says, otherwise it can lead to serious complications.

neck massage osteohondroz

The prevention of the

Much easier to avoid the exacerbation of the degenerative disc disease of breast-feeding, and of the division. And it is in the forces of any person who is concerned about their health. So that is not an exacerbation of the degenerative disc disease, it is necessary to comply with simple rules.

Necessarily has to move more, because, as the pathology is presented in people who many feel. Therefore, there occur stagnant phenomenon and of the violation of the hemorrhage. It is necessary to regularly go hiking and go to the hot tub. This will help to prevent the exacerbation of breastfeeding and of the osteochondrosis.

It is not necessary to sit in drafts, because the spine is can blow. It is affected and thoracic division, and the lumbar. It is strongly recommended that the warmest of winter clothing, this also depends on the health of the person. Not worth being in the cold, if you don't want to get sick.

When there is excess weight, it is necessary to get rid of obesity. To do this it is not always as easy as we would like to the people. Have to sit on diets and go to a hot tub. It is not necessary to select fatty food and liabilities of the picture of life, sacrificing your health.

It is worth noting that it is very important to sleep well. It is there to buy a mattress and a pillow

This will allow you to grow to keep the spine and neck in a correct state during sleep. As is known, precisely because of the wrong selected of the bed clothes often there are problems with the vertebrae. Therefore, it is not necessary to save money in the bedrooms of the attributes, and then the health will be much better.

The man can influence the fact that the intensification that has not happened. To do this it is only necessary to follow a few simple tips and don't forget your health. Must also undergo a complete treatment of the disease, so that in the future not have to suffer from pain.