Osteoarthritis of the knee

One of the complaints the doctor hears from patients is the pain in the knees. That is called, you cannot always tell immediately, because the knees can suffer from a variety of diseases, one of which is the osteoarthritis of the knee. Also it is known under the name of osteoarthritis, and represents the defeat of the joint, which usually leads to non-inflammatory in nature and contributes to the destruction of cartilage and deformation of bones and limitation of the movements of the patient.


There are two main forms of the disease:

  • primary. Appears to a result of the improper development of joints at birth;
  • the secondary. Appears as a consequence of other diseases or injuries.

The primary form usually develops, even from childhood and is conditioned to the incorrect formation of the apparatus of ligaments or joints. When the physical activity to large efforts and deformed.

Of the secondary form of the disease caused by factors:

    Knee osteoarthritis
  • injuries (injuries, sprains, sprains, fractures), which contribute to the alteration of the structure of the bones, ligaments, cartilage. This becomes the cause of post-traumatic forms of the disease;
  • the suffering of the operations of removal of the menisci, which are detrimental to the integrity of the structure of the knee;
  • too high load on the legs (typical for athletes);
  • the overweight, as it leads to a great pressure of the mass of the body in the joint cartilage of the knee.
  • arthritis (inflammatory process of the joints). The prolonged disease accompanied by the formation of excess fluids in the cavity, which is the cause of the complications;
  • disruption of the functioning of the metabolism, which is the cause of salt deposits;
  • different migrated the operation on the knee;
  • the disease, which is characterized by long muscle spasms in the muscles of the legs or of the vessels.

The process of development of the disease it can take unilateral or bilateral form. The injury, most likely, will be the cause of unilateral osteoarthritis and obesity will rise to two-sided.

The symptoms of the disease

Osteoarthritis of the knee symptoms is manifested little by little. The patient may years of not knowing who is sick, as well as the visible change of the shape of the knee or of strong sensations painful for him does not exist. To the east of osteoarthritis of the knee 1 degree, is often accompanied by unpleasant and painful sensations in the knees, however, are only a few who at this time was directed to a doctor. Are more prone to this condition than women after the age of 40, who suffer from excess weight. Mainly help to develop this disease, the presence of varicose veins. At this time, it is possible to cure the disease at home, even without the use of medication and ointments.

The sensations of pain when the disease is not sudden, and they come gradually, sometimes over several years. Occur during the practice of sport, walking and other physical activities. When this acute pain may not be a symptom of the gonartrosisy, but that is the consequence of a fracture, impingement on the meniscus or injury. If the patient feels discomfort, is probably the osteoarthritis of the knee of 2 degrees. To avoid the pain, the man tends to spend more time immobile, however, after the resumption of the physical activity discomfort of all modes is returned.

The symptom, as the deformation, the accompanying deformation of the osteoarthritis of the knee. It is evident in the second or third stages of the disease. Your first symptoms: knee is slightly swollen, but retains its shape. In the last phases there is a change in your shape, you can even make one leg shorter or longer. Sick worth drinking this type of medication, as chondroprotectors (help the recovery in the cartilage tissue).

Synovitis (accumulation in the cavity joint guidance of the fluid) also reports on the development of the disease. If the liquid is too much, it can produce the so-called baker's cyst – growths in the joint of the wall of the pelvis. Tissue cyst is evident when the knee is flattened. Easily treated with the help of the intervention of a doctor.

One of the most characteristic symptoms is the crack obvious when the disease for the 2 and 3 stages. Important to distinguish audible creaking of the joints of the healthy person and the dull, dry rustle of the sick. Your causes weakness of the apparatus of ligaments or of their high mobility. To ensure the kiss of the wind joint ill it is recommended to bring knee pads to osteoarthritis.

Limitations of the mobility of the knee is manifested in the late stages of the disease. When the patient is unable to straighten or bend the leg, as this causes severe pain. If the disease has reached stage 3, the knee can be completely still, because of the fusion of the joints. This condition requires the application of injections, ointments, or other means and medicines, to the relief of the painful sensations, as well as the intervention of the surgeons, since the normal of a massage or the media will be powerless against the that have succeeded in the bones.

The stage of gonartrosisy

There are three phases in the gonartrosisy:

  • since the beginning of the first phase before the visible manifestation of the disease spend months, or years. Man, when this is complaint of pain in the legs, that occur regularly. This applies especially to the first steps on the ladder upward or downward, and when lifting out of bed in the morning. The snapshots can show contraction and the interarticular cleft. As a general rule, instead of going to a specialist, patients often apply popular ointments, tinctures and products;
  • the second stage is characterized by severe pain that can not finish even in a resting state of the limbs. Accompanied by a crunch. In the cavities of the joints can accumulate fluid, and the x-rays show the beginning of the deformation and the expansion of the bones. The patient at this time, in all ways limits the number of movements of the limb, ill. For the reduction of unpleasant sensations and a specialist can prescribe injections, and reception of chondroprotectors;
  • in the last, the third stage, the pain becomes constant, and often intensifies during the change of the weather conditions. The x-ray shows a major deformity of the knee, which can be resolved only by surgical intervention, the patient should drink complex special chondroprotectors. The patient changes the mode of walk: deformation of osteoarthritis of the knee contributes to walking, or slightly bent legs, or ducks.

The treatment of the disease

The treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee depends on the severity of the disease of the knee. The chronic nature of the pathology is to help you get only the remission phase (when active manifestations of the disease are reduced to a minimum or none at all). Physiotherapy, in combination with the use of drugs and, in particular, chondroprotectors, gives positive results.

The goals of treatment are to:

Massage osteoarthritis of the knee
  • decrease of painful sensations;
  • the recovery with the help of various means of cartilage, and of the apparatus of ligaments;
  • the increase in the volume of movements in the extremities.

Among the forms of treatment are distinguished:

  • the use of drugs (chondroprotectors);
  • the surgical intervention of the medical;
  • recovery of the structure (physical therapy, physical therapy, massage, and other media).

Medication, also known under the name of chondroprotectors, it is true, you can choose just the doctor. Its prohibited to be designated by themselves, as well as chondroprotectors themselves are pretty powerful drugs.

All appointed by the honey. medications intended for:

  • removing of pain, as well as inflammation. To do this, in the cavity of the articulation are introduced hormonal and non-hormonal type;
  • the improvement of blood supply of a diseased leg. To do this, there are medications that can relieve the spasms of the vessels or muscles;
  • the healing of cartilage tissue. Drugs have been developed – all kinds of chondroprotectors, which are differentiated by the force of the impact in the affected joint. Eat chemicals benefits of essential oils cartilage, shaving the fabric. Chondroprotectors are also able to assist the body in the creation of new cartilage tissue.

The drugs produced in the form of ointments, injections and other means.

In addition, the popular healing tool is massage and osteoarthritis of the knee. Properly performed by the doctor of massage with the application of ointments, allows to relax to constantly tense muscles near close to the disease of the knee, reducing the pain (not acting worse than the punctures). Massage with a cream helps to increase the amount of movements, committed by the foot, to correct the position of the bones, even in the home, increase the blood flow. If the pathology is spent in the third stage, it is normal ointment or prick already does not work, and surgery is necessary. The doctor implants a patient metal of the prosthesis, which is designed to replace the not working part of the leg. Tales of the implants you'll have to change every few years, and the operation itself, quite expensive.

Recovery of the structure includes exercises to osteoarthritis of the knee, the patient should be done under the strict supervision of your doctor. These exercises have the purpose of:

  • improve the circulation of the blood;
  • to improve the muscle tone in the home. For example, kinesitherapy involves the occupation of the patients in the simulators.


In addition, the popular are techniques of physical therapy (uhf), and the ultrasound therapy, light therapy), which, although they are not the main, but that much help to expedite the healing process. The treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee with the help of physical therapy is effective for reducing the sensation of pain. Specific methods of physiotherapy according to the degree of development of the disease is determined by the doctor. In addition, in the composition of the rehabilitation includes injections, lessen the pain, ointments and others.


Gymnastics osteoarthritis of the knee is one of the main methods that allow you to develop atrophied muscles. Physiotherapy for osteoarthritis of knee should be done with care, slowly. If the patient feels the resumption of the painful sensations, leaving the more important classes. During a workout comfortable and useful, and apply special to the osteoarthritis of the knee.

In rehabilitation group enter, and medicinal methods of orthopedic type. They were put in order to reduce the load on the knee, gently carrying in canes, prosthesis. Many specialists prescribe their patients to oa of the knee. This will help a sick person to facilitate the walk, making it minimally painful.

The diet

In regards to the special diet osteoarthritis, in general, often focuses on the reduction of weight of the patient, as well as in the great majority of cases it is of great weight contributes to the overload of the joints. Power expected to eat small portions about every 3 hours. To lose weight daily diet should add lean meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit) and eliminating fat (lamb, pork). Vegetable proteins should be taken of the legumes. For the compliance of the diet in the diet should occur the replacement of refined in the unrefined oil, as well as decreasing the consumption of salt.

Diet for osteoarthritis

The diet refers to eliminating or minimizing the consumption of conservation, smoked and fried foods (suppressor of appetite). To rebuild the cartilage, you must supply the body with complex carbohydrates (cereals, flour products, semolina). In the diet should also include fruit juices (juices of carrot, beet, apple). Take the toxins from the body and reduce the impact of inflammatory processes.

In the diet should be present in the fish, and gelatin, which acts as a kind of cartilage, and helps create new cartilage. It is worth remembering that the diet does not you can assign to yourself is the best option, you can choose to only nutritionist and specialist regimes).

Popular methods of

Special attention should be paid to popular methods of combating the disease (treatment in home). Many of the ointments, compresses, and other popular dyes that offer the healers and lovers of folk medicine, based on herbs, doctor, of the bile, which improves the circulation of blood in the patient with surgery. The action of the ointment is directed to improve the blood circulation, relaxes the muscles. With this tool often to make the pads. Its effectiveness is very high, so this method, doctors sometimes used in traditional medicine (in combination with other medications). In packs, they must hope bonnets of natural wool, it warms the sore spot. Of course, remedies hardly can help a lot to osteoarthritis grade 3, however, the auxiliary medicinal properties popular methods that are not worth neglecting, as it removed the hassle and eliminates the symptoms of the disease.

Among the most popular recipes of the remedies that can be applied in the home, are:

  • a poultice of horseradish. In virtue of this popular recipe, for the strengthening of the medicinal properties of radish, it is recommended previously to grind and to cook. Then it is necessary to apply to the case section;
  • the pack of iodine, the doctor of bile, the liquid ammonia, glycerin, and can be of honey. All the ingredients of this popular mixture should be mix, to insist within 10 days, then apply to the sick of the knees. This medication is very effective;
  • lotion thick sheet of paper. It is made from the fresh leaves of cabbage, soaked can honey, and is applied to the leg. Enhances the medicinal effect of the protection against the cold of the fabric of wool or of plastic film. What is the ideal tool for people of all age groups;
  • the ointment of the inula salicina with vodka.

Osteoarthritis of the knee is quite diverse treatment, the patient will take the doctors taking into account their age and physiological characteristics. Can be injections, ointments, knee osteoarthritis and other medications. For the prevention and control of the disease in the early stages can be used lfk to osteoarthritis of the knee. The correct and timely treatment of a person can save money and not cause a great damage to the health.