Osteoarthritis is the cause of the emergence of the

A disease such as osteoarthritis is more common in older people. But taking into account the ecology, style of life and of human nutrition of the disease significantly rejuvenated and here ended the beach patience. To know how to avoid or prevent the development of this condition is, it is necessary to understand what it is.

the joint

Osteoarthritis — what it is

If in the description of the disease to resort to a simple expression, it is characterized as the disease of the cartilage of the joints. It leads to their destruction and the violation of the functionality, as well as to the alteration. Very often while you are running these processes there is an inflammation in the joint of the bag. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint, but most often suffers the hip and the knee.

The causes of the onset of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis — all other names of osteoarthritis. The disease, as mentioned above, normally infects a part of the population. This is due to its age, which leads to a malfunction of the body's systems. But if the person is still very far from the gray, and osteoarthritis is seen, then the reasons for this may act on the following factors:

  • damage, injuries of the locomotor apparatus. They include contusions, sprains, ruptures of tendons and other types of damages;
  • inborn disease related to the underdevelopment of the joint. In other words is called joint dysplasia;
  • it is wrong to change of substances in the body;
  • the use of the large amount of soft drinks, washing from bones of important micronutrients;
  • the incorrect operation of the thyroid, increase in blood sugar and other failures in the human endocrine system;
  • bleeding joint guidance of the bag.

Causes of the onset of osteoarthritis are very extensive. Therefore, in order to start the timely treatment, it is best to consult a doctor, you will have to fight not only with the symptoms, but also by reason of the occurrence of the disease.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis

the symptoms of osteoarthritis

In the first place, as a general rule, it affects the knee joint. Then comes the hip, and then the disease spreads to larger joints of the fingers of the lower extremity. Other joints osteoarthritis affects rarely. To see if the presence of this condition is, it is necessary to know its symptoms. In a significant number of the symptoms of osteoarthritis consists of four main components:

  • in the initial phase of the disease the pain appear in the joints in case of intense movement or load. Often expressed weakly, due to this, osteoarthritis is initiated. The second stage is characterized by the pain of the feelings that arise small loads in the damaged joint. In the third pain bothers me even still. If the person has problems with the cardiovascular system, the pain syndrome may occur during changes of weather;
  • damage to the joints from time to time will produce dry and rough crack. The result is friction between intersilesia joint with guided surfaces. In the second and third stage of such sounds become more evident in the sound. It is worth noting that the popping in the joints, is not accompanied by pain, does not indicate the presence of the disease and does not affect the subsequent occurrence;
  • occur muscle spasms, decreases joint of the slit, which are outgrowths of bone. Because of this, the range of motion of the affected joint is reduced;
  • the gradual modification of the joint.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis and arthritis in many aspects are similar moments. Therefore, some people confuse these two concepts, or consider them synonymous. But to think so is a mistake. This is different from the disease. The main difference consists in that when the osteoarthritis pain occurs when the movement during the day. The case of the arthritis pain that do not depend on the motion and appear at night. Are more acute and intense.

Types of osteoarthritis

Species diversity of the disease is divided into two categories: on the etymology and the nature of the course of the disease. In each one of them contains multiple types, and the following is the specific division, which includes a large number of varieties.

On the etymology of

For reasons of distinguish two groups of joint-guided osteoarthritis:

  1. Primary. Mainly occurs in patients under the age of 40 years. When the disease begins to develop without preceding injury or damage;
  2. The secondary. Osteoarthritis occurs for a number of reasons, including age changes in the body, disorders of the endocrine system, injuries, damages, and various other.
the pain

By the nature of the course of the disease

In total, there are three stages of osteoarthritis. The person can experience light and volatile pain, that is not going to interfere with it to function normally. In this case, the medical care may not be in the course of several years. Other people may find a rapid and progressive disease: in only one or two months in a stage of osteoarthritis of pass to another.

  • a first phase. The pain of minor importance, they feel bad and manifest only after an intense effort in the joint. Occurs because the inner part of the joint of bags changed the fluid and the shell.
  • the second phase. Occurs the destruction of the guided intra-articular cartilage, begin major deformation. Also at this stage, we produce bony growths. All of the above is accompanied with pain, even with reduced loads in the affected area.
  • the third phase. The last phase, in which already there is an ongoing process of transformation of the joint. At the same time, the decrease of the length of the tendons and to complicate the muscle contractions. Ultimately, the man loses the ability of work.

As well as the consequences of the execution of the osteoarthritis did not promise anything pleasant, takes time to start the treatment procedure.

The treatment of osteoarthritis

To get a treatment program that produces results, it is necessary to consult a professional authenticated. It will examine the analysis, style of life, make the appropriate diagnosis and prescribe necessary medications, as well as complementary treatments. in their number may include the following:

  • therapeutic exercise:
  • the physical therapy;
  • sanatorium treatment;
  • correctly the food, as well as a number of others.

Very often we use the technology of soft and development of the joint through the not long and feasible loads in the affected area. During this therapy the joint is held at a small aching pain that goes away the next day. If the pain become stronger, we must review the used by the system load and to correct their. But not completing the full development! Osteoarthritis is a disease, which received wide dissemination in the modern society. Each year people affected by the disease, each time bigger. This is related to the deterioration of the ecological situation, poor nutrition, the growth in the number of injuries. But in the same way and develop technologies that contribute to the solution of problems of osteoarthritis. So it's more important not to run the disease, the newspaper of diagnosis, and in the case of the detection of osteoarthritis refer immediately to specialist your doctor.

Why are the osteoarthritis and arthritis?

Healthy the joint is composed of living cells. Only living cells have the ability to regenerate and recover completely. Why are the osteoarthritis and arthritis? In most of the joints of the hands, the legs, the jaw drops permanent the action of a factor, which is able to damage your impact. It is in this sense of the disease of the joints, in particular, of the joints of the feet, relate to the intractable diseases. To solve the disease, first of all, it is necessary to know the cause, so that the disease becomes chronic, and solve the problem.

How is it different from osteoarthritis, of arthritis?

Osteoarthritis and arthritis are the diseases of which the affectation of the joints. How is it different from osteoarthritis, of arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a progressive derivative of age of the deformation of the joints. More often the development of osteoarthritis occurs in old age (45 years of age and older). Osteoarthritis is considered a degenerative disease and is associated with a slow destruction of cartilage within the joint.

the scheme

The arthritis often begins at a younger age (up to 40 years). In the arthritis joint inflammation can manifest itself in their redness, swelling, severe pain, not if a person is found in a state of rest. In some cases, the marked increase of the pains at night. This inflammation can be caused by an infection, or a failure, and too much activity of the immune system, that mistakenly directs its forces against your body. Sometimes, the arthritis generally suggests that the metabolism. Osteoarthritis suffers only from the joints. Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the whole organism, and the inflammation of the joints is just "the tip of the iceberg that hides other processes that take place in the interior of the organism. In the classification of osteoarthritis of joints within the primary and secondary osteoarthritis. The main aspect of the osteoarthritis occurs in 40-50% of all cases of the disease. The disease develops in previously healthy knee, and can be the cause of, for example, the heavy work a physical. In the second arthrosis deformation affected by the disease of the joint has occurred prior to the disease, for example, as a result of the transcription of the injury.

The causes of osteoarthritis of the joints

The onset of osteoarthritis of the joints may contribute to the poisoning, the transfer of infectious diseases (for example, typhoid fever, syphilis and others). In addition, the cause of development of osteoarthritis of the joints that can be a result of joint injury (damage to the cartilage joint guidance, joint fractures of the ends of the bones), the large functional overload of the joint (for example, the chargers, the dancers of the ballet and others). Known for its role in inflammation (for example, the onset of osteoarthritis the hot work of the workshops). Development of osteoarthritis can occur in the middle of the rheumatic fever in the soil. It is the case of people with a chronic illness of rheumatic fever. Sometimes the disease come to whole "sets", when osteoarthritis occurs the rheumatism, varicose veins with thrombosis, sclerosis of the vessels, cerebrovascular accidents, etc Osteoarthritis can manifest as an autoimmune disease. This means that begins an immune system attack healthy cells. But in most of the cases of osteoarthritis it acts as a feature of rheumatoid arthritis, and represents the leakage of destructive changes in the cartilage and bone tissue, which can occur with age as a natural consequence of aging.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis of the joints

On the basis of the development of osteoarthritis of the joints est eating disorders, articular (epiphyseal) ends of the bones. As a result of changes in the permeability or damage of the vessels through which it ensures the power of the bone, producing necrosis, aseptic, which are compounded by the defeat in the joint. Osteoarthritis is progressive in nature. At first, painful changes including on the inside (what is known as the envelope of the articulation of bags, after they are captured by the cartilage that covers the joint surface of bones that articulate. As a result, it produces a progressive destruction of cartilage, leading to the outcrop of the bones. Seats bone diluted, seats condenses, it produces a bone formation chipouras outgrowths. In most cases, the development of osteoarthritis occurs in the interior of the hip, knee, and in the first the Tarso-phalangeal joint. Some of the symptoms of the arthrosis of the joints refers to the appearance of the pains. For them is characteristic the paper of the occurrence, after the exacerbation of the sudden exercise or after a stay in rest for a long time. In the background of the availability of pain is limited to the mobility in the joint. Osteoarthritis accompanies inflammation of the tissues that surrounded the joint, and the trunks nerve. The functional purpose of the joint suffers and due to the protection of the muscle tension.

The symptoms of arthritis of the joints

the inspection

The case of the arthritis in the joint appear pains, in particular, that they feel during the movement. Often limited to joint mobility, appears swelling, modifies the form. In some cases, the skin over the joint becomes red and fever occurs. Some of the symptoms of the infection of the arthritis refers to the appearance of redness, swelling, feeling of pain when pressed, often observed the presence of the common symptoms of the infection of the disease is the occurrence of chills, increased body temperature, the appearance of pain in the whole body. Arthritis can be a joint (monoartrit and many joints (polyarthritis). The onset of the disease can be acute, and may accompany the onset of severe pain in the joint (acute arthritis) or gradually (chronic arthritis).

The treatment of osteoarthritis of the joints

For the treatment of osteoarthritis should be performed for outpatient activities scheduled by the doctor and a visit to the spa-resort conditions. The treatment of the arthrosis of the joints provides for the appointment of painkillers, hormonal drugs (adrenocorticotropic of the series), the realization of the physiotherapy (heat treatments, ultrasound), the treatment performance of the gymnastics, massage. If the case of serious illness, then the need arises to perform a surgery (arthrodesis, arthroplasty). If the cartilage deteriorated, not very strong, can help the drugs, which is glucosaminsulfat, a natural substance that is generated from the armor of marine animals. It gives them a positive effect on the metabolism of the cartilage and improves joint mobility.

Treatment of the arthritis of the joints

Depending on the form of arthritis is assigned the treatment of the disease. In the first place, it is necessary to elimination of the underlying cause of their arising (excess of exercise, poor diet, alcohol abuse). During the treatment of arthritis doctor is assigned to antibiotics. In addition, it provides for the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, supplies guided intra-articular. During the treatment of the arthritis of the joints of the specialists also pays great attention to the realization of the physiotherapy procedures and the medicinal applications of gymnastics, which is necessary to support the mobility of joints and maintain the muscle mass.