The osteochondrosis of the spinal column and their causes

The disease, which becomes chronic and damages the spinal discs and the cartilage is called osteochondrosis of the spine. Begins to develop normally, after 25 to 30 years, chronic course occurs already close to 40 years. The osteochondrosis is one of the most common causes of pain in the back.

The osteochondrosis of the spine

What is the osteochondrosis

Under this concept refers to a disease that affects the tissue of the spinal column. With time, the spine compresses and crushes disks. These units are necessary for the strengthening and mobility of the vertebrae. The dimensions of the intervertebral discs are changing, they receive is not enough food and no longer fulfill their function. When running, the phase of the degenerative disc disease of the back can occur hernias, or curvature of the spine. Often, the disease can be the cause of the disability.

The causes of the

The true causes of the appearance of this disease, such as osteochondrosis of the spinal column up to the moment it is unknown to the doctors, but there are some factors of development of the disease, for example:

  • Congenital and acquired of the grass of the spine due to frequent falls, bumps.
  • Poor genetics and diseases of the spine in the genre.
  • The advancement of age, the excess weight.
  • Flat feet, the violation of posture, and other diseases of the muscular system.
  • The alteration of metabolism.
  • The sedentary life and the muscles atrophied muscles.
  • Sudden movements or too intense in the muscles and the bones, outputs of movement during training or work.
  • The imbalance of the diet, the smoking, the consumption of drugs and alcohol.
  • Adverse environmental conditions — is too high humidity, low temperature and bad environment.
  • The incorrect use of shoes and high-heeled shoes.

This is just the main factors that influence the development and course of the disease. The disease occurs in people who are engaged in heavy manual labor. For example, weight lifters, loaders, gymnasts or builders. Permanent stress, lack of exercise and diet can also be the cause of the development of a disease such as osteochondrosis of the spine.

The osteochondrosis of the spine in adults and their classification

The development of the disease can start already in adolescence, when the spine simply do not have time to grow. But with time, this problem disappears. Children move a lot, exercise a physical, as well as a balanced diet with a high content of vitamins help to forget about the osteochondrosis.

But with the elderly is different. The osteochondrosis of the spine in adults is associated with age-related changes, namely, the poor nutrition and the circulation of the blood, cartilage and bone. The discs of the spine of an adult is distinguished by their structure, do not have their own vessels, meaning that they receive food and oxygen from other tissues. To Provide the power supply in the cartilage tissue is the main task in the fight against osteochondrosis. This can be done by only doing exercises that are appropriate for the group of muscles of the back. It will also help to physiotherapy, massage and proper nutrition.

According to the scientists of the united states, the incidence increases each year.

The osteochondrosis of the spine in adults in the united states is detected in over 30% of the population and this number increases each year. Appears more often in men who prefer a sedentary lifestyle, or are engaged in heavy manual labor. In russia, the figures still sad. More than 50% of the adult population lose their ability to work is due to problems with the nervous system and the locomotor system.

The pain in the back, the neck and head to reduce the cravings of the life. The man becomes passive and irritable. There is often depression in the background of deterioration of health. Normally, the osteochondrosis has a series of associated diseases such as the chronic disease emotional surge, migraine and heart disease system.

The vertebral osteochondrosis: symptoms and diagnosis

The symptoms of this disease pronounced, confused with something difficult.

To that at an early stage to determine the osteochondrosis it is necessary to remember several of the main signs and seek assistance.

The osteochondrosis of the spine in adults

In total there are 4 types of the disease, cervical, lumbar, thoracic, and mixed, that is to say, in various locations of the spinal column.

Symptoms in function of the type a little different:

  • For degenerative disc disease, lumbar spine is characterized by persistent pain in the lower back, which sometimes happens, but often changes acute attacks.
  • Back pain can arise during physical activity or sudden movement.
  • Often the pain shifts to shooting. You can give in the organs of the pelvis, sacrum and up into the feet.
  • The sensitivity of the legs partially affected, and when the form is run and completely disappear.
  • The man is difficult to bending, and twisting of the trunk, the patient tries to maintain the same posture, not to deliver the same discomfort.

The symptoms of cervical osteochondrosis is slightly different:

  • There are frequent headaches that won't go away even after the application of analgesics, intensify when you turn your head and the slopes.
  • The patient may feel a strong dizziness to the movement of the head.
  • The pain in the cervical region da in the back, arms, chest.
  • Often resulting in the deterioration of the eye and the ear, the eyes appear dark spots, difficult to focus the gaze on some object.
  • You may feel numbness of the tongue, as well as a change of the voice.

Chest of osteochondrosis can often be confused with the band to the neck of view, but there are several distinctive things:

  • The patient may experience pain in the chest, shoulders and arms.
  • When hypothermia begins a marked deterioration, pain syndrome also is enhanced by the night or during the effort a physical.
  • Often the man is difficult to breathe deeply in and out, the rib cage, as if crushed.
  • In the skin appear a tingling or burning sensation, quickly freezing feet and hands.
  • The pain intensifies when walking fast or running.

The diagnosis

To make the diagnosis, the doctor looks the patient in different positions — standing, laying, sitting, in movement and stillness. Therefore, with the advice it is important to honestly talk about all of your complaints, even if the pain intensifies slightly when coughing or sneezing. This can also affect even more the diagnosis. To confirm, or vice versa, disprove the existence of disease is prescribed a series of additional hardware of the research. Some of the most popular activities is the magnetic resonance, radiography and computed tomography.

The vertebral osteochondrosis, the symptoms often help to identify various diseases, such as kyphosis, intervertebral hernia and bulging disc, it is necessary to define the doctor.

It is not worth self-medication and to postpone visits to the doctor on the bench. It depends not only on the presence of pain in the back, but also the integrity of life.

The osteochondrosis of the spine: the pharmacological treatment and fast

The therapy of this dangerous disease is divided into 2 types — conservative surgery. Choose the appropriate treatment can only be a specialist, often, the patient is required the consultation of several doctors, neurologist, surgeon, and trauma.

Most of initiated forms of the disease can be solved only with the help of the surgery. Requires in addition, the conservative treatment, which helps the body to recover. The postoperative period includes massage, physical therapy and diet.

The pharmacological treatment

Often, the doctor of the detection of the disease, such as osteochondrosis of the spine, the treatment of the drugs. Your combined together with a diet that included in the diet of most minerals and vitamins. A large consumption of vitamins you should take your medications, so that have not had a negative impact on the bones, the cardiovascular system and digestive tract.

The treatment of the osteochondrosis of the spine with the use of medications may include several types:

  • The use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory.
  • Spasmolytic of the structure.
  • Antioxidants.
  • The microcirculation of the blood.
  • Medicines for the recovery of cartilage tissue.

But don't depend on medications. It is often "passive" treatment does not give the desired results, and sometimes it is not useless method. It is important not to ğsemántica to improve, and take care of your own health and fitness. Even when the form is run it allows the patients a series of exercises to improve muscle tone and improve the circulation of the blood.

The treatment must always consist of several techniques, for example:

The vertebral osteochondrosis
  • Gymnastics.
  • The chiropractic and the massage.
  • Physiotherapy medical devices.
  • A balanced diet for and work with the state of mind in the case of stress.

In many cases, the patients help to physiotherapy, massage and chiropractic. Most of the doctors try to pass on to the treatment without medications, as well as all the medications, not only heal, but also cause damage to the body.

Massage and chiropractic

Often patients are sent on the treatment of favor to chiropractors. But this is only the prevention of the disease or a great way to relieve the acute attacks of pain. Procedure should only be undertaken by a team of experienced specialists. Often the sick person offered to pass a course of massage or even acupuncture. To choosing a massage therapist should be taken with caution, as any false move can deliver pain and even injury to the spinal column.

Acupuncture helps to bring to normal the hormonal status, to relieve pain and spasms, recover the elasticity of the muscles.

Physical education

To increase the efficiency of the massage and medications, you can use the exercises. But you must remember that it is necessary to perform regularly and without fanaticism. You can also do sports during their attacks of the disease. It is necessary to first remove the flare. A complex of exercises must pick up the doctor, it depends on the stage of the disease. But most often they are simple gymnastic moves, no sudden moves.

Physiotherapy helps to relieve pain, strengthen the skeletal muscle and eliminate the spasms. The methodology of the massage, and physical education, often gives the possibility of running in the rear, the plan of use of medicines.


This procedure is an important part of the treatment. The patient in the period of post-operative rehabilitation or as a complement to the treatment, can assign the following types of therapy:

  • The blows of the surf method.
  • The magnetic therapy.
  • The laser treatment.
  • The balneotherapy.
  • Detensor or applying traction to the spinal column.
  • Mills crushing vibro.

Each method is actually a positive impact on the body, but to submit to these procedures must be as prescribed and under the supervision of a doctor.

The treatment of the osteochondrosis of the spine

The treatment remedies

To remove a persistent pain or spasms can and popular methods. For example, rub of various herbs and roots, sheep's wool or bee venom.

Many of the home remedies can be used both in the interior, as well as for external use — rubbing, compresses and baths. But it is necessary to know, do not occur if you have allergy to some of the components. Special attention should be given to the rastertime and garlands or ointments based on poisonous plants. In addition, some plants are able to reduce the effect of the medicines. It is important to consult with a specialist before the convergence with the main treatment.

Many rub and appliques give a warm effect, which ensures the flow of blood to the damaged units.

Sheep or a dog of wool to relieve the pain as well as spasms and inflammation. Well heated sore spot. Also heat the osteochondrosis will help applications of oil and soap. To do this, it is necessary to moisten a natural tissue in the oil, press and foam it. The tissue should be applied to the skin and roll them up hot with a handkerchief. Leave on for 1 to 2 hours, the bandage should be removed in any discomfort.

The diet

Salt — this is what it should reject in the first place the existence of degenerative disc disease. But it is important to gradually reduce the amount of this product. Also exclude from your diet should be coffee, soft drinks and too much sweet food. When extra weight, it is recommended to remove the products of bakery, and the bread to replace the bran muffins, or dry biscuits.

The main part of the diet should consist of proteins of animal origin, such as meat, poultry, fish, drink based on milk and eggs. About fruits and vegetables forget, it is not worth. Many of the vitamins are to be found here in cabbage, shrimp, carrot, celery and parsley! Purchase the mayonnaise, and sunflower oil is the best substitute in the olive oil with several tablespoons of lemon juice.

To restore the cartilage tissue is important to consume vitamins A, C, D, B, calcium, magnesium, and manganese. All of this is found in large quantities of products are available — nuts, cheese, lettuce, marine fish, and butter. The patient should ensure a high intake of calcium, along with magnesium, otherwise the calcium will not be absorbed and will leak out of the bones, which would adversely impact on the evolution of the treatment.


If this is not of any disease, which will cause complications. The osteochondrosis is able to develop low back pain, hernia, hypertension and intercostal post-herpetic neuralgia.

More harmful effects is the stroke, and myocardial infarction, as well as the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. One of the most dangerous of the complications is the pressure of the vertebral arteries. They are the ones that are carried in the brain of oxygen, without high risk of developing problems with the cardiovascular system, decreased hearing and vision.

The prevention of the

To avoid similar to that of the disease you need regular practice of sports, yoga, swimming, athletics.

Be careful about the correct posture, as well as on the chairs with stiff backrest, you will have to maintain the back straight. Excellent prevention will become a special massage on the mattress.

Try not to carry the weight in one hand and do not make outputs of exercises for the training.

Choose a footwear with a good pension and cushioning of the sole.

Food is an important element in the fight against osteochondrosis, therefore, maintain a proper diet is one of the most important rules.